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What makes a sustainable airport?
What if you could always get on and off the aircraft at the Iron Man airport, and move from there to a nearby area by an autonomous electric car?

Airports in the future should look new. Own those new airports. If you can't legally own them, run them with your brand.

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Challenges and Opportunities for Electric Aviation

The public believe it is carbon-free, quiet, and available in many places. Will it really become a reality sooner or later?

For that to become a reality, the technology of batteries, the core of Electric Aviation, the infrastructure of getting on and off, and the regulations must be prepared.

Looking at the United States, which is the most advanced in all conditions, commercial operations in many regions before 2028 are expected to be difficult, and it is likely to be a means of air transport in limited regions after that.

Hydrogen fuel is the ideal fuel for zero carbon emissions, but its realization is still a long way from now. That's why experts predict that using Sustainable Aircraft Fuel to significantly reduce carbon emissions is the most realistic way. Using sustainable aviation fuels could reduce emissions up to 90%

​Although there is not much SAF production yet, there seems to be no better alternative to this so far, as it is clear that it can be distributed much faster compared to electricity and hydrogen. 

It will take some time for commercial aviation to spread because using SAF is likely to immediately raise the price of air tickets, leading to a drop in passengers. Commercial airlines, which have to use much more expensive aviation fuels for low carbon emissions, face new challenges.

SAF will spread faster for private aviation (business aviation) where fuel prices do not significantly affect overall operating costs. 
Elon Musk traveled to Indonesia’s resort island of Bali to launch Starlink satellite internet service in the world’s largest archipelago nation
Signature Aviation, the world’s largest network of private aviation terminals, has announced a new milestone in sustainability by bringing a 100% supply of blended Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) to its Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) location. This achievement aligns with the company’s steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility and mission to accelerate the aviation industry’s adoption of sustainable practices. 

With the transition completed on April 1, Signature LAX becomes the second private aviation terminal worldwide to ensure a 100% supply of blended SAF, joining Signature’s location at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). This means that every gallon of fuel supplied to Signature’s guests at these locations is blended SAF.  Since centralizing sustainability efforts under the Signature Renew banner in 2020, Signature Aviation has achieved remarkable progress towards the aviation industry’s journey to net zero in 2050. 
Private aircraft operator, Luxaviation Group unveils significant Sustainable Aviation Initiatives at Paris Le Bourget ExecuJet FBO. This follows the FBOs transition to fully electric ground handling equipment (GHE) marking a significant step towards sustainable aviation. The FBO is managed under the ExecuJet brand.

In line with its commitment to transitioning towards more sustainable air transport, Luxaviation Group provides its clientele with the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint through the use of SAF at its Paris Le Bourget FBO. ExecuJet now supplies a maximum blend of up to 35% Biofuel with Jet A1 fuel, certified to meet the highest standards. The SAF provided is derived from used cooking oil, a renewable feedstock which is refined through the Hydrotreated Esters and Fatty Acids (HEFA) process.

When applied in context, for example flying from ExecuJet Paris Le Bourget FBO to ExecuJet Johannesburg FBO on a Global 7500 utilizing a 35% blend of SAF/Jet A1fuel, customers can reduce their CO2 emissions by approximately 20 tons. This demonstrates the significant impact of utilizing SAF in air travel, a safe and blendable substitute that and aligns with Luxaviation’s commitment to sustainable aviation.
REGENT, the manufacturer of electric seagliders and MONTE, a maritime and aviation lessor, announced a new strategic partnership to increase the accessibility of sustainable maritime travel.  

Under the agreement, MONTE will purchase up to $300 million of REGENT’s new high-speed, zero-emissions coastal vessels and provide leasing and financing options of the 12-passenger Viceroy and 100-passenger Monarch seagliders to customers.  
Boston Consulting Group Steps Up Investment into Decarbonization through Sustainable Aviation Fuel Agreement with World Energy

  1. Five-year contract will deliver emissions reductions of 100,000 metric tons of CO2— equivalent to flying 177,000 economy-class passengers round trip between Boston and London1
  2. 100,000 metric tons of CO2 would represent more than half of BCG’s air travel CO2 emissions in 2023
  3. This is BCG’s largest SAF certificate purchase to date

This purchase is part of a collection of SAF certificate deals coordinated by the Sustainable Aviation Buyers Alliance, of which BCG is a founding member.
Airbus' flying car, the CityAirbus NextGen ready for take-off

Airbus has presented its full electric CityAirbus NextGen prototype to the public, ahead of its maiden flight later this year. The two-tonne class CityAirbus, with a wing span of approximately 12 metres,  is being developed to fly with an 80 km range and to reach a cruise speed of 120 km/h, making it suited for operations in major cities for a variety of missions.
The U.S. Department of the Treasury and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released guidance on the Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Credit established by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), part of President Biden’s Investing in America agenda to create good-paying jobs and reduce climate pollution by spurring innovation in the aviation industry.  
UK confirms 10% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) target for aviation fuels by 2030
Archer Aviation aims to begin trials of its electric taxi in India next year, ahead of a planned commercial launch in 2026. It will launch services in India's capital New Delhi, and Mumbai and Bengaluru.
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) Announces Innovation Agreement Outlining Vision for the Future of Electrified Airports. 
Pearl 10X, Rolls-Royce's most powerful business aviation engine takes to the skies for the first time. The engine has been selected by French aircraft manufacturer Dassault to exclusively power its brand-new flagship aircraft, the Falcon 10X.

So far, the development programme on the ground has included the rigorous testing of the new ultra-low emissions ALM combustor, which is compatible with 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and the new accessory gearbox, which allows for higher additional power extraction. The engine, which surpassed its target thrust levels on the very first test run, will be the most powerful business aviation engine in the Rolls-Royce portfolio.
The largest business aviation airport in the UK, Farnborough Airport and BMW launch unique brand partnership 

As part of the Airport’s Brand Partnership Programme, BMW's state-of-the-art all-electric i7 will complement Farnborough Airport's existing fleet of electric vehicles. The three i7 vehicles will chauffeur guests to and from their aircraft, adding a touch of sophistication to the seamless customer journey from arrival to departure. The BMW i7 will also take centre stage on approach to the Airport terminal in a unique display.
Singapore to require departing flights to use sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from 2026
EHang's EH216-S, an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft 
The Mohammed bin Rashid Aerospace Hub (MBRAH) at Dubai South continues to achieve outstanding private jet movements, with a record 16,657 movements in 2023, marking the highest-ever movements achieved in Dubai.
Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Now Available at Long Beach Airport in California
Rolls-Royce announces that business aviation (private aviation) customers worldwide are now able to sign up for its new SAFinity programme.

The flexible programme combines independently verified sustainability projects with a direct investment in Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), aiming to further support and accelerate the availability and use of SAF in the aviation industry.

SAFinity enables business aviation customers to operate flights in a more sustainable way. It is available for all business aircraft and engines from any manufacturer and is part of Rolls Royce’s ongoing ambition to play a leading role in enabling the sectors in which it operates to reach net zero carbon by 2050.

Ampaire's Electric EEL breaks hybrid electric flight endurance record, 12 hours​​
​GE Aerospace and partners achieve new milestone, testing 10 different aircraft engine models with 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel
  1. 10 different engine models made by GE Aerospace and its joint ventures tested with 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) since 2016
  2. Includes mix of component-, engine-, and aircraft-level tests
  3. Testing supports industry efforts toward net zero CO2 emissions by 2050
Tao Climate, a greentech software company, launches air travel CO2 emissions calculator tool
White Desert
Accelerating Climate Action with AI—a new BCG report commissioned by and co-authored with Google—finds that deploying today’s AI technology and scaling has already proven that AI applications for climate can significantly reduce global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Accomplished on November 19, the flight took place on a Gulfstream G600 aircraft, which departed the company’s headquarters in Savannah and landed 6 hours, 56 minutes later at Farnborough Airport in England.  ​
Cessna Grand Caravan landing at New York Skyports Seaplane Base on the East River in Manhattan
Eve Air Mobility and Hunch Mobility Collaborating to Bring eVTOL Flights to Bangalore India
Private Jet Departures after Las Vegas Grand Prix 2023
All-Business-Class Charter Aircraft For Vancouver Canucks Team
Gulfstream IV for dogs
  1. No cages required for dogs
  2. Dogs can sit on your lap or by your side in the cabin
  3. 20 kg luggage & carry-on per passenger
VistaJet expands its iconicwine program with an exclusive partnership with Olivier Bernstein, one of Burgundy’s finest winemakers
FBO Services
FBO's main services are fueling, parking, baggage handling, maintenance and ground support. 
The FBO can provide additional services such as immigration, ground transport connections, and crew lounges. 
FBO provide a personalized service that allows you to relax before and after flight without waiting lines.
Former CEO of Wisk, a self-flying eVTOL company joins the board of Airspeeder, a flying car racing company
Cirrus Aircraft Redefines Personal Aviation with SR Series G7 Featuring Touchscreen Displays, New Safety Systems, Premium Travel Amenities and Connected Mobile App
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