We are Designing the Future of Mobility

We are collaborating with global companies and expert groups in each sector of the aviation industry.

Users of our service can participate in our business and become partners. 

The more companies and people participate, the greater the benefits to share.

South Korea is a peninsula country, and North Korea is the only land-based country, but it is still impossible to go abroad through it. In fact, Koreans have no choice to use aircraft to go abroad because moving through ships is a very limited means of transportation. Compared to countries with a population of more than 50 million, South Korea has the highest demand in the world. 

We have been doing real estate development business in Asia. We maintain trust with many customers and many investment companies while we're working on a multi-million-dollar to a billion-dollar project. We have learned that our customers are very interested in private jet, yacht and cruise. So we have prepared for the world's first cruise cabin sharing business over two years. Many customers and several investment companies were very interested and expected success, but the virus crisis began when we started the business. We had to postpone the business and we decided to do the jet sharing business in the same way. 

Being able to involve more individuals and companies means faster expansion of business. This is not about cooperating once or twice, but about leading the market together. Aircraft owners, brokers and operators are the most ideal types of business to cooperate. This means expanding the new market. 

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